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Posted Date: Jan 11 2020   |   Posted By : DCNPL

Governor’s meeting with the villagers-Super Corridor Indore

A meeting in respect of the construction of roads from villages to the super corridor was done by a delegation on behalf of twenty villages with the governor.


A memorandum was presented for the same in which the villages requested the governor to intervene in the matter. They said that they had appealed to the Chief Minister by it was all in vain. The former CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan had inspected the construction but it did not turn out fruitful, they added. 


A resident from the Limbodia village stated that there is active traffic on the road as it connects twenty villages to the super corridor. The roads have become the spot for routine accidents, and ambulances face difficulty in reaching the accident spot, he said.  


It was alleged that a tender of Rs. 18,00,000 had been passed 4 years ago but the money has not been utilized for the purpose. 


After the meeting, the governor ensured the villagers for working on the project as soon as possible. 


Our project DCNPL Hills Vista taking its shape in Super Corridor is one of the leading residential projects in Indore. It is located near a hospital and IT hub and has a lot of amenities which makes its location a prime one.   


Source: https://www.freepressjournal.in/indore/indore-residents-met-mp-governor-for-road-construction 


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