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Posted Date: Mar 13 2023   |   Posted By : DCNPL

Why do NRIs Invest in Property in Indore?

The Indian real estate market has long been a favorite of global property investors. India is a potential market for investors since it offers a variety of possibilities in terms of geographical location, Return on Investment, and a thriving economy. Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) have developed a great interest in India's real estate sector. Despite the short-term hurdles posed by the Coronavirus, investors are bullish about the long-term investment picture. Here are four reasons why NRI investors continue to invest in Indore real estate.

A thriving market

The Indian economy endured significant obstacles and economic losses as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. However, the pandemic is already over, and the Indian economy is rebounding. Pent-up demand has begun to emerge among NRI investors, and the economy will expand by leaps and bounds in the next years.

This will raise property values, and NRI investors should expect a healthy 'Return on Investment' on their investment. New investment areas such as fractional ownership of land, co-working areas, commercial real estate, and warehousing give the outstanding potential for NRI investors in property.

Reduced enthusiasm in other components

Historically, the foreign investor community preferred Fixed deposits (FD), gold, and the equity market. These assets are exposed to market instability, and the money is always in danger of loss. Furthermore, the declining return potential of gold and fixed deposits has deterred overseas investors. The rate of interest on most Fixed Deposits stays at 4-5 percent, which is merely equivalent to the inflation rate.

In contrast, the real estate industry remains a viable investment opportunity for NRI investors. The prospect of growth in Tier II and Tier III cities drives NRI investors to invest in these cities' real estate. As smaller cities become the engines of economic growth, investors' interest is maintained by the prospect of significant long-term profits.

Rupee depreciation

The NRI investors have a distinct edge in that they may transform their hard-earned foreign cash into attractive investment opportunities in India. Investors' buying power will increase dramatically as the rupee falls more in value. Furthermore, in the case of large assets like real estate, this margin might result in significant savings for NRI investors. With the rupee at an all-time low, real estate investing has become more accessible and attainable.

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