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Posted Date: Nov 25 2022   |   Posted By : DCNPL

Best Posh Areas to Buy a House in Indore

Every urbanite must make an important choice about where to live. Indore is a beautiful city that allows you to have a modest home in some of the best posh areas in Indore. Surprisingly, there are several homes for sale in Indore in affluent neighborhoods and settlements for working professionals seeking affordable housing. Simultaneously, there are many apartments, societies, and cottages where you can create your happy place.

The average cost of a square meter in Indore is approximately INR 4000, with a 2.57% increase expected. Those looking to buy or rent a house in Indore can look into Palasia, Roopram Nagar, Khatiwala Tank, Telephone Nagar, Country Walk Township, Vaibhav Nagar, New Rani Bagh, and other areas. These locations are home to some of the best posh areas in Indore.

Chandra Nagar, a housing locality widely recognized for its commercial associations, is one of the notable and posh localities where you can find many homes for sale in Indore. Likewise, because many tech firms have set up shops in the area, places such as the Super Corridor have become incredibly popular for buying real estate in posh areas in Indore.

Some of the Best Posh areas in Indore

1. Mahalaxmi Nagar

This housing area is located in the city's northeastern region. It is near LIG Colony, Vijay Nagar, New Palasia, and other posh areas in Indore. Many Flats and single-family homes for sale in Indore are popular in this area. Space Park, Shiv Vatika Brij Residency, and Sakar's elite apex are a few remarkable initiatives.

2. Nipania

Nipania is one of the leading real estate posh areas in Indore because of its rapid expansion of social facilities and nearness to the urban center. Several reputed software companies, including Hvantage, Shekhar Group, and Skye Earth Developers Pvt Ltd, have explored the area with countless multi-story apartment complexes and deluxe plots.

3. Vijay Nagar

Vijay Nagar is one of the most prominent posh areas in Indore, with private and public housing societies. It is the habitat of high-end developments such as Shalimar Township, Shekhar Planet, and Suyash Club. Because of its nearness to the nearby urban center, the site has risen to prominence, and in this area, there is an increasing number of homes for sale in Indore.

4. The LIG Colony

LIG Colony is another popular residential community in Indore, with developments like Samarth Samridhi apartment buildings and Sakar residency. The neighborhood provides upscale residences, places of interest for inhabitants, and luxuries for their comfort, which counts this place as one of the posh areas in Indore.

5. Rau 

Rau has become one of the famous posh areas in Indore due to its convenient destination, allowing easy connectivity to other city areas.  The region's most renowned development companies have built a combination of residential properties and multi-story flats.

6. The Super Corridor

It occupies one of the posh areas in Indore, with certain cutting-edge infrastructure improvements. The region is brimming with some of the best commercial establishments and modern residential homes for sale in Indore, sure to redefine luxury and comfort.


Your search for the most desirable homes for sale in Indore neighborhoods has ended. They are located in prime locations throughout the city. Their location is remarkable because they are extremely well-connected to places of facilities and services, ease, and well-known organizations. DCNPL Hill Vistaa can choose a destination with the type of housing units you would like to live in based on your price range and requirements. You can also search for the best Flats for sale in Indore that deserve investment in real estate.