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Posted Date: Mar 25 2022   |   Posted By : DCNPL

Why is there an increase in demand for spacious homes

Due to the pandemic, there is an increase in demand for spacious homes. People are in need to buy a spacious home as everything jas gone online from school to office. The buying pattern, choices have changed of buyers over these two years. 

As people have realised the importance of having their own home, likewise they have realized the importance of a spacious home.  The work from home trend and virtual learning trend during the pandemic had an impact on buyer choices and increased demand for 3 to 4 bhk apartments in every real estate property.

According to a survey, there has been an increase of 12% in quarter 1 of the 2021 year and 2020. 34% of sales have increased from 3bhk apartments. In various parts of the country, about a 53% increase in the sale of 3 bhk apartments is being there in the quarter of 2020 and 2021. The residential real estate sector is running according to buyers' choices and preferences. The interest rate has been low, there is also a reduction in property rate, providing a modern, luxurious lifestyle has increased demand among buyers to choose and buy luxurious apartments at premium locations.

Readymade apartments with all the modern amenities and connectivity with basic facilities have attracted buyers. The extension of virtual learning and work from home will increase the demand for spacious homes, apartments. Buyers are interested in buying 3 bhk apartments due to affordable prices and the availability of finances across the city.

People who can afford it are planning to upgrade their lifestyle and choose spacious, large homes. To live comfortably and have a stable investment. Buyers are searching for big balconies, extra rooms to use study or for office work. Multi-use rooms are in trend and demand. So covid has direct demand for real estate to move beyond the metro city, micro-market, tier one and two cities. They prefer to buy a spacious apartment, home within the city at an affordable competitive price.

Dhills vista real estate property offers spacious apartments to buy and sell. Luxurious and modernized apartments for your family to stay comfortably and securely.