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Posted Date: Apr 18 2023   |   Posted By : DCNPL

Reasons to Invest in Indore

Indore is paving the path of being the metro city. A Tier II city of the country that has established itself in every field and is recognized as a city with top educational universities, medical centres, hospitals, IT sectors. Each and every industry lies here. Above all, the people love to reside in Indore. These all draw the attention of the real estate investors towards Indore. Though Indore has developed in many sectors at its best yet IDA (Indore Development Authority) has a new vision for Indore. IDA envisages Indore as the smart city in the upcoming years.

Indore is being the centre of attraction for the investors of every industry. Still, many people are in a dilemma where to invest and how to invest. So, here we are putting light on the features of Green city, Indore.


Why is Indore getting attraction?


  • Super corridor in Indore is one of the major reason to invest in Indore. It is laced with IT hub, best amenities for the residential purpose. Within 12 Km area, a city can settle. It comprises of educational centers, industries, MNCs, commercial and residential projects. It is the show stopper for all investors.

  • With the development of Super corridor in Indore, the investors are eager to invest in Indore, especially in this area...

  • People are looking at Indore for real estate business as the giant companies are investing in Super Corridor. The arrival of software companies has played the whistle of development in Indore. The MNCs like TCS, Infosys have established themselves all over the world and now Indore is on their list. The software companies are making their way and contributing to the development of Indore and real estate business.

  • Already Indore has IT crystal Park that is the hub of various IT and software development companies like Impetus, Worldpay, SysTango etc. that are famous in the country.

  • Indore is the hub of top educational universities like IIT and IIM.

  • The city is overwhelming with educational institutes for IPS, IAS, CAT, CLAT and every educational field making Indore as the first choice of the students.

  • Indore has its connections with the overseas Indore is connecting the world with its International Airport. This breaks all gaps and voids between Indore and its development. No one can be stopped just because of overseas boundaries.

  • Indore has top medical centres and hospitals that are equipped with latest technologies offering best diagnose and medical analysis to patients.  

  • The residential development is also flourishing in Indore and the people are looking forward to settling in Indore.

All the above stated reasons hold the potential to give a U-turn to Indore development and thus hooking people’s attraction to invest in Indore.


With all the attracting features, Indore is being the topmost choice of the investors. With all the development being done through IDA, Indore with its smart project is flourishing day by day. In this series, the real estate business has large customers of it. People are now investing in residential projects so that they can own their flats and sweet home in Indore.


Why are people Investing in residential projects in Indore?

To live in the smart city is everyone’s dream and to own a home in such a city is like dream comes true. Above these, people have many more real-life connections with their thought of buying the residential home in Indore.


With investing in residential projects, people are aiming to secure their career. Wondered how? Let us explain. We have done a survey to find the real reason behind the investment in the residential projects. We have found an interesting fact behind this that people have long-term career planning for them as well as for their children and therefore thinking to settle down in Indore and making it first choice for buying flats in Indore.

People are aware of the arrival of giant TCS and Infosys in super corridor Indore and therefore thinking to buy flats near this IT campus and looking at the career opportunities in the MNCs.

Also, the best amenities of the residential project in Indore have attracted the people to buy flats in Indore.


Where to Invest?


Indore has many residential areas full of best amenities. 2, 3, 4 BHK flats for sale in Indore are up to the mark resembling standard of living.The residential project of IDA is fascinating and therefore more people are investing to buy flats in Indore. Super corridor in Indore is the biggest projects of IDA and are more luxurious and worth to invest in real estate in Indore. DCNPL hills vistaa is one of leading residential project of Super Corridor, The project location is laced with all the best facilities and amenities. The location is near to one of the largest hospital, Sri Aurobindo Hospital that makes the location enriched with medical facilities and that too in the achievable distance thus helping the patients to reach doctors immediately. Also, it is near to the IT hub of TCS and Infosys while the airport of Indore is also within its reach.  


If you too are thinking to buy flats in Indore, make a wise decision and let your dream comes true!