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Posted Date: May 13 2023   |   Posted By : DCNPL

Effective tips to start decorating your home

Looks like someone had just accomplished the task of purchasing a property! Once you are done with the arduous chore of purchasing a property; comes another task of making a house into a home.  A house can be constructed with bricks and mortar but turning it into a beautiful home needs much more effort or should we say cognitive efforts. All of us always want to have a perfect home, where we can have an evening tea, late-night movie marathons, and Sunday meals with our loved ones and to fulfil these wishes we toil day and night to have pennies for our cottage.

But do you think it's enough to buy a property or a house?

Maybe not!! Because to revamp it into a home you need to add colours. Colours of happiness and belongingness for it is natural to feel empty and overwhelmed when you’re staring at a huge, empty house. You spend a fortune on getting a house, so don't let it go to waste. Change the outlook of your four walls, create your own little world with your family and bring life and positivity to your comfortable space.

We know it's quite strenuous to do focus on the interior designing part as soon as you move in because finding a property is itself a big perdition task, but once you are done with the interiors you will be joyous than ever and to assist here are the tips for designing your house into a peaceful home.

Before beginning with decorating your house, make sure you comply with the following points:

  • Always start small; there is no need to hurry to finish off. Take one room at a time so you won't end up messing things.
  • Before deciding the designs of the room, determine its functionality means what purpose the room will serve, bedroom/guestroom/study etc.
  • Look for ideas according to your taste, don't haste plan it first then follow up.
  • Always use quality materials. But don't forget quality doesn’t have to be expensive always.

The above points will serve the best. Here are the tips for the interiors of your home: 

  • Go with light and neutral colours - While deciding the colours for the wall, try to go for light and neutral colours like grey or beige, especially in the room where the flow is crucial. Besides, neutral colours managed to tune with most of the other colours, making it easy for you to have your favourite curtains, furniture or artefact without worrying over its colours. With these colours, you will always have considerable decorating flexibility, allowing you to easily switch up your accessories. Additionally, if your ceilings are lower according to you then paint them in white to make the room feel less claustrophobic.


  • Let your furniture talk - It means arranging the furniture in a way that stimulates conversation and does not block it. Whenever you visit hotels you must have noticed that the sofa and chairs there are usually arranged grouping to initiate the conversation. According to the interior decorators, a sofa with two chairs facing each other at each end of the coffee table, that is called a U-shape arrangement or with a sofa directly across from two chairs and a coffee table in the middle, called an H-shaped, is considered ideal. If your room is combined with the dining, then you can also consider the L-shaped arrangement. Furthermore, don't push all your furniture towards the wall; it doesn't look ideal at all.


  • Have layers for your lighting - Every room in your home should consist of sufficient lighting. Lighting should showcase the prominent features in your room with its brightness for this you can opt for ambient, which provides overall illumination and generally comes from ceiling fixtures. Have a different table lamp for the study tables, as it usually has soft rays that make it easy to read, without affecting the eyes. If you have a high budget you can also add 'accent lighting', which focuses on a particular area or object, often used to highlight the art or other artefacts.


  • Welcome the sun rays in the kitchen - Needless to say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Having a window in the kitchen lets the fresh air come and keeps mould and mildew at bay. Kitchens are also a higher source of humidity and moisture in your home, so make sure to keep windows open at least for an hour immediately after the cooking. If your kitchen doesn't have a window then keep your cabinets and platforms clean and install the window fan in the vent to create a passage for the smoke to get out.


  • Compliment walls with artwork - Put life on your walls, not all the walls but at least one in a room. Hang in some artworks and paintings. But choose it wisely, if the walls are large in the area go for a huge frame or you can use 3-4 small frames, for the latter do not leave huge space among them, 2 to 4 inch will do fine. On the contrary, if the walls are small keep the frame small too.

Don't hang the artwork too high or two. If you don't want to hang artwork, then you can use removable wall decorations or can hire an artist for wall painting etc.

Finishing off

Interiors in the home define your presence and make it look liveable. You save up all your life to have the perfect home, so make it look beautiful from your eye-sight, meaning decorate the house as you want, not as others want. Getting a house to decorate is a little bit tiring but it is worth it.

Now that you know tips to decorate your new home, set out to accomplish it.

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